Our Musicals

Show Me Eternity

Show Me Eternity is a new musical about everlasting love and erasure of queer identity. It tells the long-hidden love story of Emily Dickinson and Sue Gilbert through an ethereal folk-pop score and bewitching poetry, while exploring Emily's legacy and the intimate conflict surrounding the publishing of her work.

Show Me Eternity is currently in residence at Culture Lab LIC, where it has been workshopped over the course of 2023. This will culminate in a series of public performances in late November and early December. In 2024, the piece will be presented at Florida State University and with Amas Musical Theatre. Previously, Show Me Eternity has been workshopped with Michigan State University's dramaturgy department, and premiered live with the New York Theatre Festival directed by Daniella Caggiano, earning nominations for Best Play or Musical and Best Score as well as BroadwayWorld Off-Off-Broadway Awards for Best New Score and Best New Book of a Musical. It was also performed in concert at 54 Below.

To learn more about Show Me Eternity, follow @showmeeternitymusical on Instagram and visit our media page for demos. Feel free to visit our store for sheet music or to contact us for more extensive demos, archival footage, or if you are interested in performing the show.

Pride and Prejudice

It's the classic people know and love -- five sisters navigate courtship in a socially restrictive Regency world. Lizzy hates Mr. Darcy at first, but learns that she can't always trust first impressions. Jane and Bingley fall in love, fall apart, and fall back together. Charlotte's gay, Lydia's thirsty, and Mrs. Bennet thinks she might need a Xanax (but she doesn't know what that is or when anyone will learn to care about women's mental health.) Chaos ensues, but love triumphs in the end -- for some.

Pride & Prejudice, the first musical we wrote together, received its premiere through SheNYC's digital Summer Theatre Festival in 2020 and its live premiere in SheNYC's 2021 festival, at which it won the award for Best Score. Songs from the show have been performed at various cabarets, in addition to a planned site-specific performance at Dive 106 that was unfortunately cut short by the pandemic. Our take on this classic is set in the Regency, but with contemporary music, dialogue, and a modern feel. As lifelong fans of the novel and BBC miniseries, we wanted to bring the comedy and the characters to life in an immediate way.

Please visit our media page for samples from the show, and feel free to visit our store for sheet music or to contact us for archival footage, or if you are interested in performing the show.

Poster art by Ray Elizabeth Wilson